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8207 Arlington Road Brookville, OH 45309
(937) 833-4015
Office Hours: M-F 9am - 4pm
  • Welcome to Clay Township Ohio!

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Welcome to Clay Township

The Township of Clay is nestled in the northwestern corner of Montgomery County. It was established by the division of Randolph Township, on June 8, 1825. The Township was actually named after the great statesman, Henry Clay and not the type of soil in the area.

Clay Township is very proud to be a full service government including Police, Road, Cemetery and Zoning Departments. Fire and Emergency Medical Services are provided by our adjoining municipalities of Brookville, Phillipsburg, and Verona. The Township has a Historical Society that serves as a repository for historical information, and serves to preserve the historical integrity of items within Clay Township. The Township has also established a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD) with the neighboring city of Clayton.

The Township is primarily rural with an abundance of farm land. There are approximately 84 established businesses throughout the Township. They vary from family owned retail businesses to light manufacturing industrial establishments. Through the development of a long range future land use plan, the rural atmosphere will remain in place while also promoting future economic development.

Economic Development is forecast along the area of State Route 49 at Interstate 70 North to US 40. This is one of the only remaining intersections along the Interstate that has not seen development. This area is where the JEDD is formed and will serve as an integral part of this development.

If you have questions about our services, or our community in general, please call the department directly or our main office at (937) 833-4015.



Notice is hereby given; the Clay Township Zoning Commission has cancelled the Zoning Commission meeting for January 11, 2016 located at 8207 Arlington Rd., Brookville.

Jim Corcoran, Zoning Administrator 833-6435

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