Wednesday, June 27, 2018 (Brookville Star) - Speed problems on Brookville-Phillipsburg

(by Kay Dawson, Star Contributing Writer)

CLAY TOWNSHIP - Township resident Lee Macy asked the Clay Township trustees at their June 18 meeting if the police could do something to slow down the trucks on Brookville-Phillipsburg Road. With the Arlington Road bridge closed, local grain tucks and gravel trucks from the quarry near Phillipsburg are using Brookville-Phillipsburg Road to get to local destinations.

Macy, who lives on the stretch of road between National and Pleasant Plain roads, said, "Someone's going to get killed. There are six or seven blind driveways along that road."

He also pointed out that there are several small rises that obscure the view of oncoming traffic.

Trustee President Dave Vore sympathized with Macy, but said not much could be done.

"When I lived on Pleasant Plain, I asked the county to look into this. They told me there is no reason to lower the speed limit along there."

Police Chief John Van Gundy said he couldn't keep officers running radar for 8 hours, but he does put officers there and invited Macy to ride with them. He also said the problem may appear worse than it is.

"I think because the trucks are so large, they look like they are rally moving, but we clock them and they're only going 55. I think the fastest was 62."

Vore suggested that perhaps the township's speed trailer, which displays the speed of an oncoming vehicle, could be put there as a warning and also suggested that Van Gundy could talk to the manager at the quarry about warning his drivers to slow down. The trustees took no other action apart from routine motions to approve bill paying. The next regular trustee meeting will be at 5 p.m. on July 2 in the township building at 8207 Arlington Road, Clay Township.