Below is a summary list of current (approved) road projects:

-Asphalt overlay of service lane connecting Clay Township offices to Cemetery Lane-
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-Spot Asphalt Repair throughout the Township-

-Western section of Wengerlawn Road, west to Preble County Line-
Deep patch/deep repairs - $10,101.00

-Intersection repair/repaving-
Kimmel Rd. at Les Lane - "Northmont Tool Corner"
Multiple complaints on tire damage due to pot holes and flooding on road. - $5, 269.00

-Kimmel Road - Les Lane to eastern Township property line-
1) Hump removal along roadway with new asphalt on joints.
2) Movement of concrete base left behind from old Route 49.
3) Deep patching.

-Spot repairs - various locations across township-
1) Kemple Road Loop
a) Repair damage from snowplows
b) Pothole pathcing/cutouts
2) Pleasant Plain Road - East border near Diamond Mill Road
a) Culvert raising/leveling
b) Asphalt
Cost $4,720.00

Below is a summary list of current (submitted for approval) road projects. These projects have been submitted to the Ohio Public Works Commission - Issue II Grant Program:

1) Upper Lewisburg Phase One - Brookville-Salem to Wellbaum Rd.
2) Upper Lewisburg Phase Two - Wellbaum to Diamond Mill Rs.
3) Hartman Road (Entire)
4) Temple Road (Entire)
*Projects will commence if grant money is awarded to Clay Township.