Trustees promote police officers

Brookville Star - September 16, 2020

By Terry Baver


CLAY TOWNSHIP - The Clay Township trustees approved the promotion of a township police officer to full-time status during the Sept. 8 trustee meeting.


Brandon Lingenfelter was promoted from a part-time police officer to full time. As a full-time officer Lingenfelter’s duties will include serving as a police officer and as a zoning officer.


The trustees also approved the hiring of Samuel Conley as an extended part-time officer.


In other matters, the trustees approved Jacob Cook to the zoning commission.


The Trustees also approved the update to the police department police and procedures manual.


According to Police Chief J. Van Gundy, the updates were made to sections dealing with the welfare check of juveniles and supervisory response.


Gundy said the major change to the section dealt with making sure of the status of the juvenile and not just taking the word of a parent or guardian.


“The only major change was that mandatory contact with a juvenile versus just taking a parent’s or guardian’s word they’re asleep in their bed or at a neighbor's house so it’s not allowed to keep festering or continue on into a conflict,” Gundy said.