Trustees put levy on November ballot (2019MAR27 - Brookville Star)

(By Kay Dawson - Star Contributing Writer)


CLAY TOWNSHIP - Clay Township trustees voted on March 18 to put a police levy on the Nov. 5 ballot. The 3.25-mill, five-year levy is a renewal of a current levy.


Trustee President Steve Woolf said the township had been approached by the Montgomery County Soil and Water District about flooding which is washing out the ground under the roadway along Pansing and Hartman roads. Woolf said 2019 road money was already allocated, but noted that flooding was damaging the work already done on Pansing and the Hartman site should be fixed before the Issue 2 improvements began.


“Chris (Maleski, road superintendent) found 300 feet of 12-inch pipe left over from old jobs,: he said. “This is sufficient for our rights of way, and the Soil and Water District said it would be excellent for them to complete the project. It won’t solve all the flooding problem, but it allows us to be part of it without expending funds.”


Police Chief John Van Gundy raised questions about the new credit card policy. Under a recently adopted policy for the control of the township’s credit cards, cards were issued in the name of the department heads but are in the physical custody of Fiscal Officer Brad Limbert, who can sign them out to department workers for up to a week as needed for purchases.


Van Gundy noted that he and Maleski were thus responsible for cards that were in someone else’s hands. He also questioned what happened if the township needed to make a purchase while the fiscal officer was on a vacation.


Limbert said he was having the cards reissued in the name of the township and he would authorized to sign them and then could issue them to the departments as needed.


Van Gundy noted that the Ohio House Bill requiring the policy allowed the policy to have a low-limit debit card that could be turned in with the receipts.


Trustee Dave Vore suggested the township acquire a debit card with a limit of $500, pointing out that “the department will still have access to the township credit cards.”


This would not apply to the road department, but at an earlier meeting Maleski had said most purchases were from blanket purchase orders and he didn’t see a problem with having to sign out a credit card in advance.


The trustees also accepted the resignation of Zoning Officer and Police Officer Justin Brown, who is taking a position with the Union Police Department.


The next regular meeting of the trustees will be at 5 p.m. on Monday, April 1, 2019.