Murder victim found in Clay Township, October 17, 2018

(By Kay Dawson - Star Contributing Writer)


CLAY TOWNSHIP - The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said at the end of last week that it was working to speak to a couple of "persons of interest" in connection with the murder of Steven T. Johnson of Clay Township.


Johnson, 47, was found dead on Oct. 8 in a wooded area about a thousand yards from Arlington Road south of Baltimore-Phillipsburg Road.


Shortly after noon, an employee of Brown's Nursery, which owns the property, told the 911 dispatcher, "I think I found a dead body. I was driving through and I looked over to the right and I saw this blue blanket on the woods line."


The body was wrapped in a tarp or blanket, and it has not been reported how long he had been dead.


The coroner's office last week determined he had died of blunt force trauma to the head and ruled the death a homicide.


The Sheriff's Office said Johnson had several cases in Greene County Common Pleas Court, charges of domestic violence, illegal cultivation of marijuana, failure to notify of change of address and was also on the state' sex offender registry for a December 1999 convection for unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.


But Sheriff Phil Plummer said he thought the murder was more likely related to drugs than to the sex conviction.


A spokesperson for Brown's Nursery said the employee who discovered the body was a full-time employee.