Wednesday, May 30, 2018 (Brookville Star) - Clay Trustees listen to energy proposal

(by Kay Dawson, Star Contributing Writer)

CLAY TOWNSHIP - Joe Garret of Trebel LLC addressed the Clay Township trustees on May 21, asking them to consider allowing his company to negotiate for aggregated energy prices. (He had made a similar proposal two years ago.)

Under his proposal, Trebel would form a group of communities in the area to bid on utility prices and would handle all the arrangements. The trustees, he explained, would only have to put the proposal to the voters, "and we think we're going to have a pretty large group this November."

While promising to look over Garrett's paperwork, trustees had reservations.

"What's the downside?" Jeff Requarth wondered.

Garrett replied, "There's always a few people complaining we're taking away their choices. But they can join or drop out at any time with no termination fee."

Rather than the trustees going to the voters, Trustee President Dave Vore suggested Trebel should demonstrate public support by circulating a petition asking the trustees to put the measure on the ballot. He also said he would prefer to remain with local services.

Garrett said DP&L would continue to supply the service and linemen. Only the generation of the electricity would change.

Trustees agreed to immediately begin background checks on applicants for the seasonal road worker position so they can make an immediate decision when they interview applicants before the June 4 meeting.

The new employee will be busy. Larry Bridenbaugh asked at the meeting, "When will the ditch mowing begin? I'd hate to see the thistles go to seed."

Chris Maleski, cemetery and road superintendent, said he had started mowing that day "but the cemetery has to come first."

Vernon Brown, speaking on behalf of himself and two neighbors, complained about the store mater problem that floods their properties. He speculated that a drainage tile might be broken.

Maleski replied that he hadn't seen a broken tile but was aware of the problem.

Vore suggested township officials should meet with the Montgomery County Engineer's office about the problem.

Trustee Steve Woolf said this would help obtain a grant for repairs, as multi-jurisdictional projects had a better chance of getting grants, and pointed out that if the tile extended under National Road, the Ohio Department of Transportation would also have to be involved.

The township accepted a quote of $7,507.30 by Modern Entry Systems to replace two doors to the township building. As soon as his schedule allows, Maleski will install the new drop box that will enable people to drop off utility payments and other mail in an outside box with no access to the building, thus increasing the building's security.

The next meeting of the board of trustees will be at 5 p.m. on Monday, June 4, in the township offices, located at 8207 Arlington Road.