Wednesday, February 28, 2018 (Brookville Star) - Clay Township addresses storm water:

(by Brookville Star Contributing Writer Kay Dawson)

CLAY TOWNSHIP - At the Feb. 19 meeting of the board of trustees, Clay township trustees approved a memorandum of understanding with the Montgomery County Solid Waste Conservation District to form a storm water management district.

The Ohio EPA has identified part of Clay Township as a census-identified urbanized area where run-off water draining into streams, rivers and lakes may pose a pollution problem. Under the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) program, such communities are required to develop plans and make reports on efforts to reduce such pollution.

Under this program, the SWCD will supply articles, brochures, and "rain barrel workshops" to educate homeowners, help the township locate outfalls (points where storm water discharges into streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands) and determine locations for new tile. In addition, the District will update the maps the township supplies, train township employees in the program and help prepare the required reports.

The SWCD program, costing the township $2,000, was "the least expensive but the preeminent agency," Trustee President Dave Vore said.

Trustees also said a page will be added to the Township's Web site ( updating the program and offering explanations of measures that property owners can or cannot take regarding drainage.

Trustees also approved the renewal of a liquor permit for the Sunoco station at National Road and State Route 49. Local jurisdictions have the right to object to such renewal, but Trustee Steve Woolf said, "We've received no complaints about that location."

Woolf also welcomed Christine Biggs and Tsubasa Miwa to the meeting. Biggs is a Northmont High School student observing the meeting for a government class. Miwa is an exchange student from Japan staying with the Stephen Naas family while attending Northmont High School.

Woolf also said at the next meeting he hoped to have a map of the improvements planned for State Route 40 at Brookville-Salem Road and National Road.

"There is not truth to the rumor that this will include a roundabout (traffic circle)," he said.

The next regular meeting will be at 5 p.m. on Monday, March 5, in the Township Building at 8207 Arlington Road.