Wednesday, November 15, 2017 (Brookville Star) - Clay Trustees hear about progress on sirens:

(by Brookville Star Contributing Writer Kay Dawson)

The Nov. 4 thunderstorm caused a power surge that set off the warning siren in Phillipsburg. Steve Wolf, president of the Clay Township board of trustees, reported to the Nov. meeting that some wires in the siren had been dmaged and were being examined with an eye to repair.


"But we've received final approval on the siren at Arlington Road," he reported, "and installation of all three sirens will probably start in February."


Woolf was referring to the three sirens purchased jointly by the township and Phillipsburg and the township and Clayton, using grant money from the department of Homeland Security. Although the sirens are supplied to warn of terrorism activity, they can also warn of natural disasters. The township has worked with surrounding communities to locate sirens where they will be audible to the maximum number of people.


Fiscal Officer Brad Limbert told trustees that the township's Web site is getting closer to going online, and the next decision for trustees is how notify all township residents. The company has suggested postal cards be mailed to all residents. Woolf estimated the cost of this would be $225 in postage, besides the cost of the printing.


After Trustee Dave Vore protested that he would like to see the Website before approving notification, Woolf suggested the company draw up a card for trustees to examine at the next meeting.


The Trustees also approved a measure to continue using Huntington Bank for deposit of public funds. Noting that the Ohio Revised Code requires government entities to evaluate the bank used every five years, he praised Limbert for conducting such a review every year.


The next regular meeting of the board of trustees will be at 6 p.m. on Nov. 20 in the township building at 9207 Arlington Rd.