Wednesday, November 15, 2017 (Brookville Star) - Perry/Clay voters turn down Fire/EMS levies:

(by Brookville Star Staff Writer Marilyn McConahay)

Voters in both Perry Township and Clay Township narrowly turned down levies that would have affected the future of local fire/EMS services. In Perry Township, the portion between Westbrook and Amity roads is officially served by the Brookville Fire Department, while the portion of the township south of Amity is served by the New Lebanon Fire Department. (However, the two departments along with others, reciprocate to respond to many calls.)


Perry Township had requested an additional 1.5-mill Fire Levy, which failed with 696 votes for the levy and 775 votes against the levy - a mere 8-vote margin.


On the Nov. 7 election ballot, Clay Township had asked voters for an additional 3.5-mill Fire and EMS levy, which lost with 1,162 votes for the levy and 1, 231 against, with votes decidedly split there as well.