Wednesday, December 6, 2017 (Brookville Star) - Election brings change to Clay Township:

(by Brookville Star Contributing Writer Kay Dawson)

In the recent election, one Clay Township incumbent was re-elected and another was defeated.

While disappointed by his loss, Dale Winner said, "I enjoyed the opportunity I had while serving. I saw positive changes."

When he was first appointed to replace the late Robin Lehman, he told the Star, "I didn't apply because I was upset about any specific condition. I just applied so I could serve."

He said he hasn't entirely ruled out future political activity, but "right now I just want to concentrate on my work and my family."

He is a building principal at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center, so at the moment his major hope is for a winter free of snow days.

I a letter to the Brookville Star, Dave Vore, who won re-election, thanked Winner for his hard work. In an interview, he expressed his gratitude to the voters and said "I've always been able to count on the people out here."

During the campaign, he was surprised to find how many people misunderstood some issues. For example, "some folks thought the fire levy was going to be used to pay for the fire house, even though the ads and several news stories said it was just for operations in the township."

He plans to work on the Route 49 connector and hopes the township can expand the emergency sirens to provide more warning to people further west in the township. (The sirens to be installed in February will be at the township building and shared with Clayton and Phillipsburg.)

The new member of the board of trustees is Jeffery Requarth. Besides thanking his supporters for their votes, he said, "I want to be accessible. In fact, I'd like my phone number published (937-475-0268). I intend to look into everything that is brought up to me, and anyone calling me will get routed to the correct person to deal with their problem."

He said during the campaign he did not encounter any surprising concerns from the public.

"The most important issue is to pass the fire levy. The public is concerned about some zoning issues that I'm going to work on. No problem is too big or too small to look into, but inevitably we can't please everyone. Some things we just can't do."